This project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) from 01.08.2021 to 31.07.2024.


Energy and Sustainability in the Textile Industry - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies in Partnership for Climate Protection

In the "Master Plan for National Industrial Development", the Indonesian government acknowledges the national textile industry as one of the ten most important industrial sectors, with over 2.5 million employees. It is also a target industry of Indonesia's 4.0 strategy, which is established in the "Making Indonesia 4.0" master plan. In particular, the country is an important partner for Germany. With an import volume of US$ 93.6 million, German textile machinery ranked third in the target country of Indonesia in 2016.
Energy costs in Indonesia account for up to 25% of total production costs. However, a study commissioned by the Indonesian government confirms that energy efficiency measures that can be undertaken in the short term can result in a 30% reduction in energy consumption. At 80%, the greatest potential for savings resides in the most energy-intensive processes of “textile finishing" and in the use of more efficient machinery equipment along the entire textile production line.

The project aims to support the Indonesian textile industry in its growth trajectory with innovative, sustainable technologies and processes. The focus will be on the efficient use of energy based on climate-friendly energy sources and to ensure that this growth is directly in line with sustainability. EnaTex sees itself as an applied research project that was developed on the basis of the long-term trade and research collaborations of the project partners.  

The consortium consists of six scientific and four industrial partners from Germany and Indonesia. Technical innovations and measures are developed from the project and optimised and evaluated according to their impact on energy efficiency and CO2 emissions. The evaluation is based on environmental, energy, social, and economic criteria. The results will be incorporated into a package of measures that will be implemented as part of the CSR management.

This project was selected as one of three projects with Indonesia in the 3rd call of CLIENT II - "International Partnerships for Sustainable Innovation", which started in 2021 and will be funded until 2024.

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The objectives of the project

1 | Investigation level of process steps in wet finishing: Ensuring energy and resource efficiency
2 | Investigation level of the process chain: Impact analysis of innovations and measures on energy, environmental and social issues for exemplary textile products
3 | Investigation level of the entire company: Impact analysis of the innovations and measures on energy, environmental and social issues for the company as a whole
4 | Organisational level: Consolidation of objectives 1-3 into change management and establishment of a reporting for sustainability / corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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